Please send an email to each of the 5 organizations below urging them to Choose Change.

Toronto Public Library

Toronto City Council and Toronto Public Library, we look forward to you implementing filtering for pornography on all the terminals in your libraries.

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Boston Pizza

40 Million Canadians eat at Boston Pizza every year. Boston Pizza, we look forward to you establishing a porn-free, family friendly WiFi environment in all your Canadian locations.

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TekSavvy, please follow the example of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK by voluntarily putting in place default filters that would block violent, sexually explicit images.

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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport, please follow the example of Heathrow Airport in the UK, and install filtering to address inappropriate content on your public WiFi.

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Fairmont, we look forward to you joining other major hotel chains including in removing pornography from your Video on Demand services.

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Wanting to do more to support the challenge?  You can make a donation to Defend Dignity and help support this project, as well as future projects. 


Change Makers

The Choose Change campaign will be celebrating organizations who have or will pro-actively change policies and practices to reduce the ease of access to violent, sexually explicit images. The Change Maker List will highlight these organizations. We hope all our challenge organizations will join this List.

We invite you, as part of the Choose Change campaign, to congratulate and commend these leading organizations.

The Keg Chose Change. In response to our emails, they have enabled adult content filtering in their corporate restaurants and the majority of their franchise restaurants.

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In addition to policies, layout, and monitoring to ensure the safety of patrons, the South Central Regional Library has filtering software on all of it Internet access stations. Drop them a line and let them know you appreciate these actions.

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Tim Hortons has the largest free WiFi service in Canada. Since they first introduced it in their restaurants in 2012, they have had filtering systems to restrict access to sites with violent, sexually explicit images. Thank you Tim Hortons.

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It’s good to know where it’s safe to use public WiFi.

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McDonald’s offers many amenities for families, including filtering on their complimentary WiFi service. Thank you McDonald’s.

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About Choose Change

The goal of the Choose Change campaign is to reduce the ease of access to violent, sexually explicit images. Today’s “adult content” is misogynistic, violent, degrading, racist, and normalizes rape culture. 

In response to the growing body of evidence that online pornography is contributing to a public health crisis, we are asking the public to join us in “Challenging the harms of sexually violent images.” We are asking the public to contact certain companies to encourage them to change detrimental practices and to embrace practices that will promote the overall health of Canadians. 

In 2017, your actions helped create change.  The Keg, a well-known Canadian restaurant, implemented WiFi filtering in their corporate restaurants in response to your emails.  Help us to see even more change in 2018!

We will be celebrating organizations who have or will make these positive changes by highlighting them on our Change Maker List.

Choose Change is a campaign of Defend Dignity.