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Why we are challenging this organization.

  • As Canada’s largest online retailer, is in a key position to curb the online distribution of sexually exploitive materials by removing them from their online offerings.
  • In their guidelines for individuals and companies wishing to sell items on, the company states that nudity and adult products, including pornography and x-rated movies, are prohibited content.1
However, many products offered on their site, do not, in fact, adhere to these guidelines. If one types “porn” into the site search function, 26,232 items are identified. These products include numerous videos, sexual aid devices, books, and clothing items, including clothing for children.

It is estimated that 9.5% of Canadian retail will be online by 2019.2 has the lion’s share of this trade. Given their prominent place in the Canadian retail market, we would ask that they adhere to the prohibited content guidelines they have set for third parties on their site, and remove all sexually explicit and exploitive materials, including those with nudity, pornography and x-rated materials.

Join us in asking to Choose Change.

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Why we are challenging this organization.
Trigger Warning. The material in this section contains graphic descriptions and blurred screenshots.


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