Boston Pizza

Porn-free pizza just tastes better!

Your emails and your posts on social media REALLY WORK! Good on you! We thank you for each “send” and keystroke, because we have news…

Choose Change Canada is happy to announce that Boston Pizza has agreed to ensure there is internet filtering in all of their restaurants by May 25.

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Read the original letter Choose Change sent to Boston Pizza. 


Trigger Warning. The material in this section contains graphic descriptions and blurred screenshots.



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Vancouver International Airport
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Boston Pizza is a popular place for Canadians to hangout, whether they are dining as a family or watching the latest game in the sports bar.  Approximately 40 million of us eat there every year.

They, like so many restaurants, provide free WiFi as a courtesy to their guests. However, they do not have filters on this WiFi, opening up the possibility of people and their families accessing unwanted violent, sexually explicit images. Customers could also be exposed to images from another’s use. As well, sexual predators could operate with anonymity on this unfiltered WiFi network.

We are asking Boston Pizza to become part of a growing movement of restaurants that safeguard their WiFi and filter out pornography.

Boston Pizza, we look forward to seeing you establish a porn-free, family friendly WiFi environment in all your Canadian locations.