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Why we are challenging this organization.

  • Today’s pornography is violent, misogynistic, racist and feeds rape culture. Many hotel chains, including Hilton, Marriot, and Starwood, have decided that the offering of pornography on their video on demand options is not in line with their corporate culture. They have or are moving to remove it from their offerings.
  • Fairmont Hotels, an upscale chain that includes some of the most iconic Canadian properties, like the Le Chateau Frontenac or the Banff Springs Hotel, however, is still offering pornography as part of its video on demand services.
Defend Dignity found that access to the Adult Zone was right on the front screen of the video on demand service. In order for guests to access the parental controls, they actually had to toggle over, past the Adult Zone button, to the Tools button (see below). As well, Fairmont is complicit in covering the tracks of pornography use, indicating that movie titles will not appear on the hotel bill.

The Choose Change campaign is asking Fairmont Hotels and Resorts to remove these pornographic offerings from their video on demand service. We urge them to no longer profit from sexual exploitation.

Fairmont Hotels was recently acquired by Accor Hotels. Accor is a top level signatory to EPCAT’s “The Code” which is a hospitality industry-lead effort to combat trafficking in the hospitality industry.

There is a firm link between trafficking and pornography 1, as many traffickers are making pornography of the trafficking victims. Pornography is also used as a grooming tool by exploiters and abusers. 2

In addition to the harm to those involved, such as high rates of PTSD, pornography is addictive, and requires progressive violence and degradation of the subjects to give addicts the same response.

For society as a whole, it promotes the objectification of humans and this has led to an exponential rise in rape culture in the last years. Pornography makes the sexual assault of humans into a business enterprise.

We applaud Accor Hotels for recognizing the harms of trafficking and ask that they continue to support the dignity and humanity of all by removing pornography from the iconic Fairmont Hotels in Canada.

See the proof below and send a letter to Mr. Bazin and Mr. Fatt.

1 http://prostitutionresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Melissa-Farley-Making-the-Connections-7-15-15.pdf, accessed Sept. 15, 2016
2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_grooming, accessed Nov. 4, 2016


Why we are challenging this organization.
Trigger Warning. The material in this section contains graphic descriptions and blurred screenshots.


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