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Why we are challenging this organization.

  • TekSavvy is Canada’s largest independent telecom company. They portray themselves with a quirky personality, and the slogan, “Different, in a good way.” And they like to “do the right thing.”
  • We are calling on TekSavvy to “do the right thing,” following the example of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United Kingdom (UK), and lead the way in Canada by voluntarily putting in place default filters that would block violent, sexually explicit images.
In response to concerns about the sexualization of childhood, in 2014, the major ISPs in the UK offered default filtering for pornography.

Although we might choose to use measures for accountability and to control content in our own homes, we could be assured that no matter where we or our families access the internet – at home or at a public WiFi hotspot – we would not be exposed to unwanted sexually violent images.

In the UK, individual account holders do have the ability to request that the filter be turned off for their account, allowing them to have unfettered access to the internet.

In light of the growing body of evidence that today’s online pornography is harmful to society and is creating a public health crisis, we ask that TekSavvy take the lead, offering default filtering, at the ISP level, specifically targeted to pornographic sites on the internet.


Why we are challenging this organization.
Trigger Warning. The material in this section contains graphic descriptions and blurred screenshots.


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Here is a suggested response to copy and paste, or tweet @TSI_Marc:
“Please consider providing filtering at the ISP level. If the UK can do it, so can we. http://bit.ly/2v7ZAzK


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