The Details

Fairmont Hotel and Resorts

In 2016, Accor Hotels stated they were, “…determined to combat all forms of sexual abuse of children that could occur on its premises” through their WATCH Programme (We Act Together for Children).[1]

However, Fairmont Hotels are currently selling hard-core pornography on their Video on Demand service.


TekSavvy is Canada’s largest independent telecom company.  They portray themselves with a quirky personality, and the slogan, “Different, in a good way.” And they like to “do the right thing.”

We are calling on TekSavvy to “do the right thing,” following the example of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United Kingdom (UK), and lead the way in Canada by voluntarily putting in place default filters that would block violent, sexually explicit images.

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library is one of the most used library systems, per capita, in Canada.  We are asking them to protect customers by filtering pornography on all their terminals and WiFi. 

YEG – Edmonton International Airport

Airports are busy places where people want to make the most of their time while waiting for flights, often using the complimentary WiFi in the terminals.  We are asking Edmonton International Airport (EIA) to install filters to establish a porn-free, family friendly WiFi environment for all travelers.

Cora Breakfast and Lunch

Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurants are a Canadian success story.  With over 130 locations and poised to continue its expansion across Canada, they are proud to be Canada’s largest independent breakfast and lunch chain, offering quality food in a warm family atmosphere.

Like so many restaurants, Cora provides free WiFi as a courtesy to their guests.  However, they do not have filters on this WiFi, opening up the possibility of people and their families stumbling on unwanted violent, sexually explicit images.