Victory! Visa has constricted the sexual exploitation pipeline of profit by suspending payments to TrafficJunky, the advertising arm of PornHub. Let’s thank them and call on them to extend this advertising ban to other sexually exploitative sites.

Do you have insight on Visa supporting the porn industry, with its harms?  Share your story with us. 


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", owned by Fenix International with a presence in the U.S., is primarily an adult content, subscription-based social media platform, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), where sex crimes are actively taking place, including crimes involving the sexual exploitation of minors and adults. Payments for content are transacted and cleared through major credit card networks, including Visa and Mastercard, among other payment processors, and large U.S. banks."

Expert Analysis of Open Source Material relating to Child Sexual Abuse Material and Sex Trafficking occurring on

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Visa cuts ties with TrafficJunky!

Read our response to the news that Visa has cut ties with MindGeek's advertising arm TrafficJunky.

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